Our Story

Whether we're working, sleeping, learning, or just out for the evening having fun - we all want to feel safe and protected. In the UK, there are strict laws surrounding the safety of buildings, yet every year thousands of fires and electrical faults lead to tragic loss of life and destruction of property.

Allsaved was founded with a mission to protect against such devastating loss. The company began life in 2000, and in 2010 Tom Simmonds took over the reins as Managing Director. Over recent years the business has enjoyed strong growth, diversifying into new areas and embracing the latest technological advances. Throughout this time our ethos has remained constant: to achieve the highest levels of compliance with fire safety and electrical regulations.

Our numerous accreditations include:

  • UKAS ISO 9001, 270001 and 14001
  • OHSAS 18001  
  • Achilles UVBD Verify
  • BAFE SP205 and SP203  

Allsaved Logo

Compliance, trust, and integrity are the principles that have enabled Allsaved to grow from modest beginnings into a leading provider within our industry. Allsaved has evolved to encompass three interlinked strands: Fire, Electrical and Risk Management Technology. These strands provide a comprehensive service to our clients, offering a smart and cost effective way of working that is reflected in our company motto – Better Together.

Of course, we couldn't have achieved such remarkable growth without the support of our superb engineers, customer service experts and administrative staff.

Every Client Counts

We welcome every kind of customer, because everybody's safety matters.

Our clients range from large utility companies to banks, universities, schools, buy-to-let landlords and individual homeowners. Some require full fire safety systems installed from scratch, while others might need us to take over maintenance of an existing set-up.

When you first get in touch as a potential client, we'll take time to discover exactly what your requirements are. During an initial site visit, we can carry out a full fire safety audit, also checking electrical safety to flag any problems with faulty or outdated wiring.

Technical Expertise

Thanks to the pioneering work of our technical division, our engineers don't waste time writing out reports or ticking endless boxes. Allsaved's unique risk assessment technology allows staff to capture data digitally on-site, streamlining the risk assessment process and providing cost savings which we are able to pass on to you.

Our Risk Management apps are so successful and user-friendly that we are licensing them for businesses or organisations to carry out their own tailored fire risk assessments, with reports personalised to each individual user. To find out more about our technology division, click here.

From Audit to Installation

Once our fire safety consultants have assessed your building, we'll advise on the best fire protection measures to suit your requirements. We can supply and install all kinds of equipment, including fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. We'll service your equipment too, ensuring that everything is working to peak efficiency, now and in the future.

Emergency Planning and Fire Awareness Training

Without an effective emergency plan in place, or a thorough understanding of how to use fire extinguishers and fire doors, the chances of saving a building and the people inside are considerably compromised.

In response to this, fire safety awareness training has become a key part of our business. Our fire safety consultants can lead tailored fire awareness training courses, ensuring each session meets the particular needs of your company or organisation.

We hope our training will never need to be put to the test. But if it is, you'll have the comfort of knowing that your staff have been trained by one of the leading fire protection companies in the country.


To supplement our on-site live fire training courses we offer a full ROSPA approved suite of online training courses covering all aspects of safety in the workplace.