Drone surveying allows us to overfly an asset and capture a holistic site view.
Drone surveying offers a vastly reduced risk method of working, as it negates the need to work at height. Our drones carry an array of sensors allowing us to capture as much information as possible in one flight.

Multi-Sensor Drones can be used to inspect

Infra Red - Moisture entrapment in roofing systems
Infra Red / 4k Video - Delamination of roofing elements
Infra Red - Water ingress points - Infra Red images not only show where water runs to, it can pinpoint the source of the original leak
Infra Red - Concealed defects
Infra Red - Hot air loss
Infra Red - Sub-surface water leaks. It is estimated that 23% of all piped water is lost through pipe leaks!
4k Video - Boundary surveys - 3d dimensional view
4k Video - Maintenance inspections in inaccessible places, such as transmission cables, power stations, oil pipelines and road building

All imagery and data is fed back into our rapid data asset capture platform.