Fire extinguishers offer vital protection for your building and the people within it, so don't allow your fire extinguishers to go untested. At Allsaved we supply, maintain and install fire extinguishers to the highest British Safety Standards.

Servicing and Maintaining Your Fire Extinguishers

We carry out two different forms of servicing procedures for both stored pressure fire extinguishers and cartridge operated extinguishers: firstly there is our basic service, which we recommend to be carried out at least once a year, and secondly an extended service to be carried out every five years. 

A basic fire extinguisher service consists of visually inspecting the extinguisher for any possible damage, wear and/or corrosion. The safety pins, tamper seals, pressure gauges, hoses and O rings are checked for damage or blockages and replaced if necessary. The information and labeling is checked for legibility, the cylinder is cleaned and wall mounts inspected for their strength and overall condition.

During an extended fire extinguisher service, the basic inspection is carried out as well as extra checks on the condition of chemicals, foam, powder and/or water. Pressure levels in extinguishers are also checked.

Scheduling a fire extinguisher maintenance programme will give you that additional peace of mind that your staff are protected.

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Fire Extinguisher Installation

You might think of them as glaring red eyesores spoiling the décor. Well, yes - but this is the point! Fire extinguishers must stand out and be instantly visible and accessible in the unfortunate event you ever need to use them.

Fire extinguisher installation at your place of work should always be carried out by a fire extinguisher engineer in accordance with British Standards. Strict rules govern this area, for example in relation to the position of the extinguisher on the wall, the brackets used, and the location.

Installing fire extinguishers is a first step: servicing them regularly is essential. All our fire extinguishers are maintained by expert engineers who have passed the required BAFE examinations with flying colours.

When we start working with you, we'll set out a servicing schedule that suits you and your business, always seeking to minimise disruption and keep life simple.

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Testing

Beyond our annual and quinquennial servicing and maintenance services we highly recommend that either a member of our staff or one of your employees becomes a dedicated inspector or fire warden. 

Each and every month the inspector should test the fire extinguisher(s) to ensure that they haven't been damaged or tampered with and that the pressure gauge is still in the green. A record of these checks should be maintained and carried out at roughly the same time each month for consistency.

Carrying out monthly fire extinguisher tests can reduce any possible risks of failure between annual inspections.

Allsaved – One Of The UK's Leading Fire Extinguisher Companies

We are one of the UK's leaders in all things relating to fire extinguishers. We have worked with thousands of businesses, schools, hotels and private residences throughout the country implementing systems and procedures, training staff, and carrying out maintenance and fire safety management programmes.

We supply and install fire extinguishers to all kinds of buildings, offices, industrial units, high-rise flats and family homes. This is a core Allsaved service and we are proud to be experts in the field.

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We're one of the leading fire protection companies in the South East, covering a wide area including London, the Home Counties, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northants.​

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Do I need my fire extinguishers serviced?

Yes, your fire extinguishers should be serviced annually in accordance with the British Standard 5306. User inspections should also be carried out monthly to check that the fire extinguishers have not been tampered with and are in the correct locations.

I have used a fire extinguisher. What should I do?

If a fire extinguisher has been used, or set off accidentally, it will require an exchange or replacement.

Where do I need fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers should be placed at the final exits from a building and also on each floor of a building. This should be determined by a competent engineer as travel distances are also taken into consideration, alongside the type of extinguishers required for the risks presented.

I have a P50 fire extinguisher, do I need to get it serviced?

The P50 extinguishers can be maintained easily by any person following the simple 3-step process printed on the extinguisher. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.


Whatever the fire safety challenge, we'll find a solution. Prices for fire extinguishers start from just £15, with annual servicing from a few pounds. Contact us, your leading fire extinguishing company today to discuss how we can help!