Asset Surveying Services

Our surveying services allow clients to record, monitor and remediate asset condition efficiently and effectively.

Smart data collection allows instant dashboarding of asset condition and live updates on critical findings.

High Volume Surveying

Utlising mobile data collection and bespoke form creation software allows us to provide survey programs for tens of thousands of assets, a list of typical assets surveyed below:
● Lattice Towers, Mobile phone masts
● Remote pumping stations and treatment plants
● Electrical substations and pylons
● High rise buildings

Drone Surveying

Where human access is unsafe or impractical a Drone can be deployed to gather the information required. The number of attachments for the Drone are ever increasing, from IR cameras to point cloud imaging.

Video can be streamed live and in 4K to allow analysts or structural engineers to make comment on
the findings during the surveys.

Labelling and Asset Capture

During the survey process site operatives can label assets and assign them with bespoke asset I.D
numbers to populate any client database, this single visit can instantly provide a much more
accurate survey output, coupled with a specific point for data capture.