PAS79 …in An App

PAS79 app from Allsaved makes

fire risk assessments quicker with no write-up!

Why PAS79 in an app?

PAS79 in an App from Allsaved has been created to allow Fire Risk Assessors the tools required to undertake Fire Risk Assessments in the PAS79 format and automatically create the report on-site with no need to write-up later.

Fire Risk Assessors are very skilled at highlighting fire risk and mitigating that risk with concise and compliant solutions. They are not typists!

In all well-run businesses, staff should strive to work at the top of their skill set for as much of their time as possible.

Our tools allow Fire Risk Assessors to concentrate on the task in hand without having to worry about the formatting of the document or arranging images to look presentable. The outcome results in much less time spent typing and more time spent on-site doing what they do best.

The more time Fire Risk Assessors spend on site and with the client the better the Fire Risk Assessment tends to be. No matter how many pictures and videos are taken it is still no match for on site knowledge. Wave goodbye to illegible notes and sorting through photographs!

Our technology allows Fire Risk Assessors to complete the Fire Risk Assessment on site with no need to write up the report later.

Upon completion Fire Risk Assessments can be viewed on site with the client, then sent to them direct via email in any format they need.

Our technology is easily integrated with your management systems. We can post the completed Fire Risk Assessment directly into many systems along with remedial actions which can then be quoted.

This creates an audible, wrap-around end-to-end solution, resulting in a much more streamlined and efficient Fire Risk Assessment workflow, with great client buy in.

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  • Contains all questions in PAS79
  • Perform calculations in-app
  • Photo integration directly into report
  • Produces a branded report with your logo
  • Send assessments instantly or save for later
  • Allows peer review and validation
  • Saves all assessments in the cloud
  • Works online and offline

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