Save Time and Money with Allsaved Risk Assessment Apps

"Health and safety" is a phrase that's often spoken with a roll of the eyes, frequently followed by the words "gone mad". While it's true that some health and safety measures might seem over the top – banning conkers in the playground is a much-cited example – the vast majority of safety legislation is there for a very good reason.

Our modern legal framework has helped to drastically reduce accidents in the home and workplace, undoubtedly saving many lives as a result. Of course these transformations don't happen by themselves – those responsible for the safety of others, such as employers, landlords or school governors, must do all they can to ensure compliance with the law.

This is where risk assessments come into play. They're an important part of the health and safety landscape, ensuring that any risks to safety are identified and acted upon in line with regulations. Traditionally, the risk assessment process has involved a fair amount of paperwork, physical record-keeping, and endless inputting into Excel spreadsheets or Word documents.

fire risk assessment apps

Here at Allsaved, we understand the need to streamline this process. As experts in the fields of fire and electrical safety, we've developed an innovative risk management software program that transforms the way your business or organisation conducts its risk assessments. Our apps ensure full compliance every step of the way, while saving time on the administrative elements.

Fully customisable, user-friendly risk management software from Allsaved

How does your business or organisation guarantee compliance with fire regulations? If you're finding that the risk assessment process is swallowing up precious resources, it's time to consider a fresh approach that harnesses the power of digital technology.

Our risk assessment apps are used by a growing number of happy clients in various industries and sectors, from education and housing to utilities and manufacturing.

All data can be captured on screen as the site is assessed. Photos and even videos can be added and annotated. Best of all, the information is securely stored on a cloud-based platform, ensuring that you can retrieve every fact and figure as soon as you need it, wherever you happen to be working at the time.

Find out more about our mobile fire risk assessment and management tools toda. And if you'd like to speak to a member of our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch.