Introducing the Allsaved Guardians Awards!

Protecting a building from fire isn't all about fitting extinguishers or fixing alarms.

Crucial as it is to have the correct fire safety equipment for your business premises, the human factor is also vital. Staff must know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency, and this is where company fire marshals (also known as fire wardens) come into play.

In schools, offices, factories and industrial estates across the country, there are thousands of fire marshals who take on extra responsibilities to help keep their colleagues safe. Just like company first-aiders, they volunteer for this role and rarely get the recognition they deserve . . . until now!

Our 'Allsaved Guardians' campaign has been launched to ensure that workplace heroes are rewarded for their efforts. Over the next nine months, we're calling out to companies across the South East to nominate their marshals for the chance to win an Allsaved Guardians trophy and a £400 cash prize.

Every month we'll read through the nominations and pick a winner based on their actions in real emergency situations, or their tireless work to protect against fire. Then we'll surprise the lucky marshal with a presentation in their office. Keep an eye on our blog for news and video clips of the latest presentations!

Fire Marshals – What Does the Job Involve?


The law states that non-domestic premises must have in place an appropriate plan to protect people from fire.

The definition of 'appropriate' can be open to interpretation, which is why it's important that your company or organisation has a professional fire risk assessment to ensure that health and safety obligations are met.

Depending on the size of the building and number of employees, one or more fire marshals will be recommended. They should be trained in various duties including:

  • Identifying fire hazards in a workplace
  • Noting or reporting hazards to the appropriate person
  • Ensuring that escape routes are kept clear
  • Leading fire drills and real evacuation procedures

If a fire is discovered, a fire warden will ensure the alarm has been sounded and then help to co-ordinate a safe evacuation.

Of course, every fire marshal hopes that their skills will never be put to the test, but we should all be grateful that they are ready to leap into action should a true emergency arise.

Meet Our Very Own Allsaved Guardian 

Our head office near Pulborough, West Sussex, is home to 12 staff. Kate is our designated fire warden, a role she has held for two years now. Fortunately, Kate has never had to deal with an actual fire, but we're happy to report that she is always efficient and calm when we hold practice drills. Thank you, Kate, for being such a star!

Need Fire Marshal Training?

Our training division offers expert support for companies large and small across the south of England. We offer specialised fire marshal/fire warden training courses, as well as general fire safety training for all staff. For more information please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team.