Save time and streamline your risk assessment processes with our innovative and fully-compliant fire risk assessment software. Fire, electrical and gas safety apps are available now.

What Is The Purpose Of Fire Risk Assessment Software?

Fire risk assessments can be extremely lengthy processes to embark upon. Taking notes, writing reports, incorporating images, answering a list of questions, collating the findings and ordering them into a concise, legible document are all part of the traditional process. 

With our fire risk assessment software, however, all the additional work of collating your findings and ordering them into a concise report, which can take longer than gathering the information in the first place to then send to your team or client, is done instantly via our apps. Simply add the necessary information and findings as you go along - this information is quickly ordered into a downloadable document which can instantly be shared by the tap of a button.

PAS 79 Form Features

  • PAS 79 Compliant Fire Risk Assessments
  • No post survey write up 
  • Users say their FRA process is now 40% quicker!
  • SP 205 Compliant 
  • Fully auditable
  • Fully functional 'Offline' mode
  • Pre-loaded and editable 'Comments' & 'Actions'
  • DCLG Fire Safety Guides embedded
  • Custom branded reports
  • Video reference recording
  • 60,000 FRA completed in the last 12 months alone

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Our smart form solutions transform the risk assessment process, rescuing assessors from the time consuming task of writing up reports once they're back in the office.

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Allsaved Fire Safety Apps

With an Allsaved fire risk assessment app, all data can be captured on a screen while the risk assessor is on-site. Photos and videos can be added and annotated, ensuring that essential information is timely, accurate, and stored in one easy-to-access place.

No more hunting around for old stashed-away reports. With an Allsaved app, the information is always at your fingertips, allowing you to retrieve and supply reports in a fraction of the time

The app is available for:

  • Fire risk assessments (including PAS79)
  • Electrical test and inspection forms
  • Gas safety test and inspection forms

Our commitment to utilising new technology is just one of the many ways we're working smarter in order to deliver improved efficiency, better value and, ultimately, the best safety solutions for our valued clients.

White Labelling Options

The apps have been so successful within our own business that they are now licensed for use by other companies. They can be customised and branded for each individual business, and can be easily integrated into different management systems.

To download Apps for your Android or iOS device please get it touch to receive a login to All our Apps are available for download there. You can also download the Android App from the Play Store by searching for 'Allsavedmobile'.

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Fire suppression systems Case study
Artemis Aerospace

We installed new facilities at Artemis Aerospace including electric roller doors and high bay LED lighting.


Fire suppression systems Case study
Trinity House, Needles Lighthouse

We were contracted to remove and replace an outdated fire suppression system and address a flammable liquid risk



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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a physical inspection of your premises including the 5 steps below:
  1. Identify the fire hazards.
  2. Identify the people at risk.
  3. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risk, if possible and protect from risk.
  4. Record the findings.
  5. Plan, instruct and train to act on the findings.

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Yes, as a responsible person, you must carry out a fire risk assessment and subsequent regular reviews. If you have five or more employees the process must be a documented report.

Can I carry out my own Fire Risk Assessment?

Yes, a fire risk assessment can be carried out by the responsible person but usually the responsible person appoints a qualified, competent contractor.

How often do I need to review my Fire Risk Assessment?

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, fire risk assessments should be reviewed regularly. This may be every year but should always be reviewed following any major changes to the building, whether structural or the main daily operations. The risk assessment should also be reviewed following a fire event.