Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy app from Allsaved makes therapy report generation quicker with no report-writing!

New Therapy Solutions from Allsaved Technology make treatment report quicker and more accessible.

How can Allsaved Therapy Solutions help you work smarter?

The Allsaved Therapy App has been created and designed with the therapist and the client in mind.

For the therapist it means a more professional look and better report keeping.

It has been designed to be quick on the job, with options for audio dictation to review later, also there are anatomical diagram options that can be done on site.

Depending on your workplace and weather conditions the audio option can prove invaluable and then be created as a report later.

Pictures and videos of gait analysis and general findings can be used and stored for future reference on a previous report, no more searching on your phone amongst all your photos!!

If needed the report can be sent to veterinarians, farriers and saddlers.

For the Therapist…

It will provide you with a quick, concise and easy to use online smart form with a generated report which will aid your professionalism and your business.

For your clients…

It will give them a better understanding of what goes on within the treatment and they will be able to relate to the anatomical drawings, it also means if the client can’t be there they still receive a detailed report from that day which makes them feel still involved.

The treatment report can be emailed to your client and viewed on site.

No more looking for old reports stashed away, have it all at your fingertips!!

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  • Photo integration directly into report
  • Produces a branded report with your logo
  • Send assessments instantly or save for later
  • Works online and offline

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