Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are covered by British Standard BS5839, which sets out Fire Alarm installation and maintenance requirements.

The standard defines service schedules, which include such elements as weekly fire alarm testing of a single manual call point to ensure the system activates. Periodically, full inspections including testing using simulated smoke or heat are detailed in the standards and should be undertaken to ensure the integrity of the system.

Our range of Fire Alarm services includes the specification and installation of new systems and the upgrade of existing systems in line with a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment These systems can be installed to BS5839, categories M, P and L as required.

Within each of these categories there are a range of Fire Alarm solutions available to suit your budget and needs.

Where we are taking over the maintenance of a system that we did not install, a full dilapidation report is supplied to the client addressing all demands and needs of the system prior to taking it over.

Our Fire Alarm engineers have a wealth of experience and qualifications in the installation, maintenance and servicing of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you.

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