Commercial Emergency Lighting

In an emergency situation, if the mains power supply is interrupted through fire or power cut, the premises could be plunged into darkness.

This could result in danger to the building’s occupants from fire or the inability to safely navigate the premises to the emergency exits.

Emergency lighting is covered by BS5266 and the type of system you may require should be defined as part of the risk assessment process and operate fully automatically.

This will give illumination of a sufficient level to enable safe evacuation of the premises.

There are a number of options when selecting the correct and compliant solution and Allpower can provide advice on all matters relating to emergency lighting.

Emergency lighting can also be specified to be beneficial in nonemergency situations. This standby lighting can allow your business to continue essential operations such as picking in a warehouse, virtually unaffected by a power outage and minimising business interruption.

Where we are taking over the maintenance of a system that we did not install, a full dilapidation report is supplied to the client addressing all demands and needs of the system prior to taking it over.

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