PAT & Mains Electrical Testing from Allpower

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 stipulate that electrical equipment such as the fixed wiring in your building, any fixed electrical appliances and any portable appliances are maintained and kept up to date with PAT testing regulations in order to keep all occupants and users safe. Not only is this a safety must, most insurance companies will state that compliance with these standards is a mandatory requirement of any policy being deemed valid.

The mains electrical testing system in your building also requires periodic electrical inspection and testing to ensure the safety of anyone in the premises.

These electrical testing procedures include PAT testing, resistance checking, earth bonding and visual inspection of electrical installations, together with assessing their compliance with the relevant standards.

There is a vast amount of regulation covering electrical installations. It is essential that any service provider fully assesses your business and premises to understand your exact requirements to ensure you remain legally compliant.

With NIC-EIC certified electrical engineers, Allpower is able to complete all electrical works to NIC-EIC standards – the gold seal for electrical works.


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