Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems from Allfire

Allfire offer our own unique type of automatic fire suppression system throughout the UK. Our certified fire suppression engineers are able to install, maintain and, if necessary, re-engineer fire suppression systems in all environments.

Our expertise and experience within this specialised area of fire safety also allows us to offer the benefits of new technology such as FirePro, by upgrading and improving existing suppression systems if required.

The type of system should be defined as part of the fire risk assessment process. Ranging from our foam fire suppression system to CO2 and Argonite.

We supply a wide range of systems always designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

We offer a full service and maintenance package with all suppression systems we install.

Where we are taking over the maintenance of a system that we did not install, a full dilapidation report is supplied to the client addressing all demands and needs of the system prior to taking it over.

Where required we offer training to enable staff to put systems into safe mode to carry out works in areas protected by inert gas.

We work with a wide range of industry sectors including:-

  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Retail
  • IT Server/Communications Centres

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.


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