Fire Risk Assessments Allfire offer fire risk assessments for all types of commercial premises from shops and offices to high rise flats.
Fire Doors In addition to new fire door installations, Allfire offer remedial works to existing door sets and accessories.
Fire Extinguishers Allfire supply, install and maintain all types of fire extinguishers.
Fire Safety Training Allfire provide fire safety training by a qualified team of trainers to all types of organisation.
Fire Suppression From CO2 fire suppression to alternative systems such as condensed aerosol fire extinguishing, Allfire provide solutions for any application.
Fire Alarms Allfire can install, maintain and service fire alarms or happily take over existing systems.
Emergency Lighting Allfire offer installation, repairs, maintenance and servicing of Emergency Lighting.
PAT and Mains Electrical Testing As part of our fire solutions, Allfire offer main electrical inspections and testing. Our engineers are NIC-EIC certified and can offer all other electrical services you may require.